Bee Kinda

‘Bee Kinda’ - The Missing Kind Fund.
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The Missing Kind Fund

Art, Community, Craft, Health and Wellbeing, mental health
About This Project

In 2018 The Missing Kind charity funded a project for the women that attend our arts for wellbeing group. Over the weeks we made bees using different materials, e.g. knitted, felted and from clay. The women really enjoyed learning new skills and sharing their own ideas and skills.

Altogether, the group made around 150 bees. When they were finished each bee had a label attached with a positive message on it, such as Bee Kind to someone or Bee Helpful to a friend. The bees were then hidden in The Forum, Norwich at the Science Festivals nature day for the public to find and take home with them. The KindaKafe also displayed the bees in their shop window. KindaKafe is a community hub and cafe that exists to build community and reduce loneliness and social isolation. We were told that the customers thought they looked amazing and loved the idea of spreading kindness.

‘Bee Kinda’ – The Missing Kind Fund