Art Takeover

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Art, Community, Health and Wellbeing, mental health
About This Project

This fantastic project was funded by CPP Marketplace.  In November 2018 we delivered nine after school sessions for young people, aged 8-12, at the St.John’s community centre in Mildenhall. 

The focus was on promoting wellbeing, good mental health and developing art skills for young people. They focused on large-scale, collaborative work to make the community centre more visually inviting and give them more ownership of it.

We based each session on a different artist and used painting, printmaking and sculpture.  We explored multiple elements of art and design including; colour, line, tone, composition and form. 

At the end of the project, we had an Open Day for the young people to be supported to share the skills they had learnt as well as show off their work. They invited their family and friends and the local community, who got involved with the activities.

Emily, a participant said, “I like to come here, it’s fun and I love art.”

One mum said, “As we are a home educated family it gives my daughter a place to go and express her art.”

Another said, “My son doesn’t like sports or dance clubs, this gave him the opportunity to express himself in a way he enjoys. He was disappointed it ended because he has learnt a lot about different art techniques and has been practising at home.”